Godo is a social networking app used for showing a list of events and provide facilities for going for an event ,following an event etc.
Key features include:
1. Godo Tab: User can Browse through the categories on the platform to search for events and follow them. Secondly, User can add a website url from where the events will be listed on the app and can follow them.
Further, User can view events under 4 sections: All, Following, Friends and Trending.
User can View details of a particular Event via detail screen, Can favourite it, can godo the event.

2. Connect: Users can view other users on the app based on their interests and location. They can send friend request to each other, accept friend requests. View Friend suggestions, View user profile.

3. Activity: This is a feed of posts added by users including text, photos and videos. Further, Events added/Tagged by users will also be displayed in their Activity feed.
It also involves Post single screen, comments, like a post.

4. Notifications: This module includes two main sections- One is Alerts and other is Messaging. Under Alerts, user will get notification of each activity that occurs on the app like a friend posted a post, friend godo a event, Like Post,Admin Notifications,etc.
Messaging includes

5. Calendar: This feature will be released soon in next version.

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