Check it out here for Which is best PHP Framework Yii2 vs Laravel 5 ?.  Here is the most unique and attractive comparison between two most famous best PHP framework of 2016. Let me give you some basic example about the start to end. Laravel and Yii the two famously used PHP framework. Known for their developer friendliness, they bring a wide range of advantages to their developers. Both are open source frameworks.
They both PHP framework have many differences, at the same time a lot of commonalities. The main reason why Laravel is the best framework is due to its ease of use, less coding with expressive syntax. Yii framework  best well-known for its widgets, localization. Also, Check 10 Best iPhone Apps
PHP framework Model-view-controller architectural pattern of both the frameworks is very helpful. This pattern implements user-interfaces by dividing a software application into interconnected parts of three. Well defined interactions between model, view and controller.

The best PHP framework

php framework Laravel 5 vs Yii2 Compare stats

This would certainly be tougher to answer when one asks which is the best framework of the two. While a well-versed developer in Laravel would vote for it, the Yii developer would, likewise, rally behind it. Both have some of the best features to their name, and many features are common to both.

Laravel The little baby of Symfony. Although Laravel almost all grown up you do have to admit that it leverages a great deal from Symfony… and actually that’s fantastic. Not only does it not try to reinvent the wheel, Laravel also keeps things simple. It uses stable, proven and solid Symfony backbone to setup an entirely new way to code within Laravel’s own MVC world.


Checkout Some Facts

  • Laravel comes with a rich set of features. Using the resource controllers, CRUD process is very easier. The Eloquent ORM helps in interacting with the databases. Every model created in the MVC structure correlates to a table in the database.
  • In Yii framework, CRUD operations available to created with Gii, which known as web-based code generator. Generation of forms, modules, models operated quickly with the use of Gii. These operations make it easy for a Yii development company to build web applications easily.
  • Very easier to Authenticate a users in Laravel . Yii too has an also inbuilt customized authentication. ‘User application component’ is an object that implements the web user interface.
  • In Laravel, with the help of seed classes, databases can be seeded with the data for testing. Seed classes can have any name.
  • In the Yii framework, options to store cached data in various media. This is done with the use of different cache components that are offered. Yii has a wonderful caching system and supports DB based page, memcache, XCache, segment caching and APC. While in Laravel cache necessities include Database, Memcached and Redis.
  • In Yii, the dependency injection support includes constructor injection, setter and property injection and PHP callable injection. Dependencies in Laravel are injected at run-time. Closure callbacks or automatic resolution are two ways through which dependencies can be resolved.

Checkout Some More Facts

  • To write SQL statements, the object-oriented way, the Yii query builder is very helpful. Properties and class methods used to specify the SQL statement individual parts. Automatic quoting of tables, creating complex SQL statements and DB distraction are simplified using Query builder. Likewise, Written query is possible in Laravel programmatically .
  • Features in Yii framework like role-based access control, scaffolding, input validation, functionality testing, automatic code generation, error handling and active record make it a best PHP framework. However, most of these features are also offered by Laravel, which is also a best and the most sought after framework amongst Laravel developer.
  • Technical debt is a real and very serious thing for any IT system, which is present in any modern company be it an accounting system, a CMS, a gaming app, or a web property of some sorts. Trying to repay this debt “later on” can lead to a real bankruptcy.
  • Eloquent ORM is Laravel’s greatest strength, as it is its weakness. It reminds me of an earlier version of CakePHP’s ORM. Yeah it’s great and simple, but because it’s so simple it is not as well structured and granular as CakePHP 3 (or something as advanced as Doctrine). However, one would say that it exactly the way it was intended to be, and I can’t really disagree with that.


Depending on the Developer’s requirements, any framework – be it Laravel or Yii – can serve as the best framework. These two PHP frameworks are best to use to developing web applications.

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